Trailer Shipping Done Right

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Transporting a trailer may appear to be a stressful process, but in most cases it is as easy as shipping anything else.

When transporting a trailer, consider important issues such as proper licensing, RV insurance coverage and what questions you may want to ask. There are generally two options for shipping your trailer - tow or transport on a flatbed trailer, depending on what type or classification it is.

It's important to provide us with accurate measurements for shipping your trailer. Measurements are very important when it comes to shipping trailers. In order to determine what kind of transportation service you need, first locate the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) along with the length, width and height of your trailer.

Lastly, be sure to inspect and know the condition of your trailer to ensure it can be safely be transported to its destination. Include any special requirements your shipment may have, such as the handling of your freight or permits needed.

A categorized checklist is very useful for proper preparation. See our Guide to Preparing your Trailer for Transport.