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Tiny Home Transport

Tiny homes hit the market several years ago and they have become popular not only for homeowners who want to downsize to save money each month but there are now cities across the United States who have used tiny homes to shelter the homeless. Tiny homes are typically 300 square feet or smaller and thanks to creative designers, those who own these homes don’t have to miss out on anything they would find in a large home. From a kitchen and dining area to laundry, living and bedroom and bath, tiny homes are the trend of the decade and it doesn’t look like their popularity will go down anytime soon.

Why Choose Us

A person’s home is their castle, and when we handle the shipment of your tiny home, we treat it as if it were our very own home. We know how valuable your assets are and we guarantee that your home will be treated with the best care possible from the moment it is picked up until it has been safely delivered to your land or other destination. We provide cargo insurance up to $1,000,000 to provide you with peace of mind during the transport process.

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Tiny Home Industry Association


We are a proud member of the Tiny Home Industry Association since 2019!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you make an investment in a new home, whether it’s a large family home or a comfortable tiny home, you want to make sure it is fully protected from damage. This means having the proper homeowner’s insurance, but for a tiny home it also means you need TruckIt365 to get the tiny home delivered to you safely.

•Alabama (AL)
•Arizona (AZ)
•Arkansas (AR)
•California (CA)
•Colorado (CO)
•Connecticut (CT)
•Delaware (DE)
•District of Columbia (DC)
•Florida (FL)
•Georgia (GA)
•Idaho (ID)
•Illinois (IL)
•Indiana (IN)
•Iowa (IA)
•Kansas (KS)
•Kentucky (KY)
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•Maryland (MD)
•Massachusetts (MA)
•Michigan (MI)
•Minnesota (MN)
•Mississippi (MS)
•Missouri (MO)
•Montana (MT)
•Nebraska (NE)
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•New Jersey (NJ)
•New Mexico (NM)
•New York (NY)
•North Carolina (NC)
•North Dakota (ND)
•Ohio (OH)
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•Oregon (OR)
•Pennsylvania (PA)
•Rhode Island (RI)
•South Carolina (SC)
•South Dakota (SD)
•Tennessee (TN)
•Texas (TX)
•Utah (UT)
•Vermont (VT)
•Virginia (VA)
•Washington (WA)
•West Virginia (WV)
•Wisconsin (WI)
•Wyoming (WY)

Our fleet of trucks are capable of transporting tiny homes from 10 feet to 48 feet in length and up to 35,000 lbs. We can transport tiny homes built with gooseneck, bumper pull and fifth wheel hitches. Call our tiny home transport professionals to discuss the specifics of your tiny home transport needs at 877-865-7447.

Yes, our USDOT number is #3226002. Yes, we are commercially insured for $1,000,000 of general liability and $1,000,000 of cargo insurance to cover your vessel during the entire transport process. Call us at 877-865-7447 for a boat transport quote.

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