Meet Our Roll Dog, Shilo!

Shilo the Roll Dog

Hi everyone!

I’m a 3 year old black lab who loves traveling with my parents! They adopted me from the Barstow Humane Society in California, and I became part owner of Truckit365, my parents have me work real hard for my pupachinos, let me tell you! 

When my Dad is busy loading up a brand new 2020 Porsche 911 I like to take his Beef Jerky from the front seat! Man did I have a good nap after that in the back seat of our 3500 Dually Diesel Laramie, what a smooth ride. 

I saw a cow on the side of Interstate 80, and when I got up close it was the biggest fwend I had ever seen, they are fun to bark at when we are driving by. 

Nothing better than the fresh smell of cows with the wind in your ears on the open road. Look out and say hi to me the next time you see our truck pull up!

Shilo the Black Lab

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